Knowledge Base ( Manuals )

Activating box and first run:

1. Box activation and software installation…edure-1671862/

Finding Pinout and Hardware Connection Questions:

1. Pinout find in simple CDMA phone: JTAG Finder guide in pictures : HAIER C200
2. Using box with MultiCOM adapters: FAQ, manuals, videomanuals,howto – HERE:
3. Using MOORC jtag adapters : JPIN JTAG Molex Flex cable for Samsung LG without soldering pinouts for Easy-Jtag
4. Using SmartGSM Dolphin Clip : World First ! Dolphinclip Universal Jtag Clip For Jtag Boxes ! Ever Made Easy to Use

Direct eMMC Questions:

1. Separate FAQ for eMMC : FAQ – Direct EMMC connect in pictures! Please stop ask again “HOW CONNECT”
2. MultiCOM eMMC adapter here : EMMC adapter for Easy Z3x JTAG Box

3. Repairing totally dead eMMC from i9300 : STEP BY STEP repair VTU00M totaly dead EMMC.

Phone Repair Manuals:

1. World first KNOX Warranty has been reset by EJ : GT-I9500 Set Warranty BIT to “0” …..Solution Inside – First ih the World
2. Samsung GT-S5830 dead boot revive: Z3X jtag ( easy jtag ) samsung S5830 dead boot revive by z3x jtag.
3. HTC ONE X ( Tegra3 ) repair:…e-but-1774880/
4. Samsung i9300 PRODUCT NAME repaired:…-jtag-1774468/
5. Samsung GT-N7100 Mass Recovery Story : 7 pcs N7100 Dead Repaired And EMMC programmed
6. Samsung GT-i8160 Done : GT-I8160 Dead Boot ( first in z3x ) DONE!!
7. Another success with GT-i9300 GT-i9300 NO PRODUCT – successfully repair with easy jtag – Step by step inside
8. Samsung GT-P1000 software fault fixed by Easy-JTAG p1000 read write emmc done
9. Samsung GT-i9100G repaired OK by Z3X Easy-JTAG…l#post10075093
10. HTC Sensation Z710e repaired OK…l#post10080704
11. Another one GT-i9300 repaired i9300 NO PRODUCT (S3) – successfully repair with easy jtag
12. Cherry Mobile Flare S100 repaired by easy-jtag: http://diygsmtricks.********.com/201…boot-done.html
13. Samsung i8150 Success reapair by EzJTAG:…-jtag-1802201/
14. Lumia 520 “ERROR : Unable to find a bootable option. FIXED here SUCCESS Lumia 520 WPLock EMMC Error “Unable to Find a Bootable option”
Error messages and solutions:

1. Software shows “Lost Connection with security card” message:…g-but-1660564/
2. Windows XP SP2 connection bugs , hangs , etc.: I have problem with box in WinXP SP2
3. Box Software ask to update driver : Easy-JTAG box asking for updating drivers where to get those lateset drivers
4. NEW Easy Jtag Says Wrong Card :…-card-1692724/

General FAQ:

1. Unsupported models : I have an unsupported phone by easy-jtag box.