EasyJTAG eMMC Socket

Combining the top quality materials with the best engineering and elegantly designed hardware for the powerful Z3X eMMC Socket.

Now every full box set will be equipped with this amazing a must have thing!

Our eMMC socket is:

  • Made from the high quality materials
  • Have 10000 cycle of lifetime performance in your service center
  • Wide range of eMMC IC supported by: BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA221, BGA529
  • High-speed up to 40 MB per second over 8 bit bus.
  • EMI Resistant Design, Low Noise Components.
  • Integrated power logic! No need of the additional power!
  • Surge Protection – smart fuse driven (0.5A threshold).
  • Easy to operate, just turn and click.
  • Like any other Z3X crafted thing – the best solution at the market 😉