HiPower™ CLK Drive Mode introduction!

Posted on Jan 30, 2016


HiPower™ CLK Drive Mode

We proud to present new age of eMMC ISP connection technology.
What HiPower™ technology in the depth:
Every ISP connection are affected to MCU interference to
eMMC link. Most importand interference make by CLK pin.
HiPower™ allow boost power of EasyJTAG© box up to 4x times.
HiPower™ technology are result of long time development and
discovery of hundreds phones. It allow to connect many phones* even
without using high cost power adapters. Just 4 wires! Forget mismatched
1.8V and 2.8V lines. Now we can use “natural” and “organic” power of
a embedded phone power controller – just solder 4 wires and plug USB.

What platform already tested with HiPower™ CLK Drive Mode*:
Most problematic ISP connection are in Nokia Lumia Devices
now we can say that fully support almost all Lumia eMMC ISP mode.

There are only one hidded feauture implemented in 1.52

Stay turned.