EasyJTAG Suite Version

Posted on Apr 24, 2013

EasyJTAG Suite Version Done 😉 After little pause we present you HUGE UPDATE


Release Candidate Build Are waiting for you on Z3X Team Support





  • Added Samsung SGH-T989 Full Support.
  • Added Samsung SCH-I920 (AP/CP) Read/Write/EasyRepair.
  • Added Samsung GT-i5700 Full Support.
  • Added Samsung GT-S5670 Full Support.  10x Dimidrolus
  • Added ZTE MF100 Modem Read/Write/EasyRepair.
  • Added ZTE MF170 Modem Read/Write/EasyRepair. 10x Dimidrolus
  • Added Samsung SGH-ZX10 (MSM6275) Read/Write/EasyRepair.
  • Added Samsung SGH-Z320i (MSM6250) Read/Write/EasyRepair.
  • Added Samsung SGH-Z230 (MSM6250) Read/Write/EasyRepair.
  • Added AMOI WP-S2 Read/Write/EasyRepair.
  • Added AMOI WP-S1 Read/Write.
  • Added continue interrupted read on NAND and eMMC.
  • Improved capability with Z3X shell and UI.
  • Updated drivers. Increased speed.
  • New firmware 1.44 released , some connection bugs fixed.