EasyJTAG Plus Software is Released (v.

Posted on Dec 12, 2017

EasyJTAG Plus Software is available for download >

Fix: Bugs that have been found through your crash report
Fix: RandomVerify function
Fix: Creation of GPT for Samsung (write by vendor)
Fix: Failed to mount large Fat partitions (explorer)
Fix: Extraction from contact2.db (explorer)
Fix: Error in the “build.prop” parser
Fix: CID Parser
Add: Support for EasyJtag Plus Box
Add: Path for TempDir and InitialDir (option in settings)
Add: Unpack Lenovo QSB (utilities)
Add: Selecting a PIT file from CSC (write by vendor Samsung)
Add: Detect for encrypted dumps from GPG Box
Add: Detect for FullDiskEncryption Partition (explorer)
Add: LinearVerify of the Partition (read by vendor)
Add: Information base about emmc compatibility (thanks to phonemicrodb)
Add: Resizing the window (for small screen resolutions)
Add: Converting large partitions in SparseImage when reading by vendor (option in settings)
Add: Mounting SparseImage (explorer)
Add: Automatic backup of the EFS partition for Samsung (read by vendor)
Add: Formatting of EFS partition for Samsung on request (write by vendor)