Easy-JTAG Daily Updates v1.0.95.0 & v1.0.96.0

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Easy-JTAG Daily Updates v1.0.95.0 & v1.0.96.0, 
box firmware 1.48 
BOX Firmware Update:
 The firmware of box updated to 1.48 version.
 You can update it via shell or use latest build 1.0.95/96.
 Firmware will be updated automaticaly.
 In firmware update - improved emmc direct protocol, more stable now.
Emmc Direct changes:

 - access to boot2 , gp1 , gp2 , gp3 and gp4 partitions. You will know soon why need this 
 - Improved stability of writing some eMMC devices
 - NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices are now fully supported ( we working now on sec bypass)
ADDED new devices/phones via JTAG connect:
- Anycall SHW-m200K (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
 - LG D500 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
 - HTC one XL PJ831000 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)