Easy-JTAG: 1.8 Update.

Posted on Mar 21, 2015

Easy-JTAG: 1.8 Update. Lot of changes:

Main software changes:
Updated build environment of software GCC 4.7 ( more stable and fast code).
Added external beta SDK engine ( now 3rd party developers can access some box functions. )
Updated log engine in EMMC Tool.

Easy JTAG Professional eMMC Tool 1.8 (EJPeT 1.8) Module

Added support HUAWEI ASCEND P7 (Read/write/pinout/dump)
Added support KARBONN A27 (Read/write/pinout/dump)
Added support GARMIN NUVI 255W (Read/write/pinout/dump) (first in the world)
Added remove Permanent WP Bit on ALL Samsung Brand eMMC cards
It fixes “Unable to find a bootable Option.” on Nokia/Microsoft Lumia Phones (W/O Data Loss)
It fixes “eMMC is Read Only you cannot update your System” on Huawei Phones (W/O Data Loss)
Added support of SD cards direct connected to box.
Added support of SD card inside MOORC adapters . Word first!
Improved VTU00M card repair functions.
Rewritten voltage selection box ( removed some non-useable options).

Easy JTAG Professional JTAG Module 1.8

Added support SAMSUNG SGH-I717(read/write/one click repair)
Added support KARBON A27 (read/write/one click repair)

Released New XilinxCore 1.52 firmware

Totally renewed , 20% faster and 70% more stable core.
Added SDIO protocol mode
Added new eMMC card commands.
Optimised VIO sensivity for eMMC lines.
Added support of new revision adapter.
Added burst signal configuration — double/triple/quad IO lines.
Added digital-probe mode for eMMC finder functionality.
Changed TRST policy for JTAG init value.
Improved Smartcard security check.