Easy-JTAG – Released

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

Easy-JTAG – CM, Sony, Samsung modem/phones added New phones added via JTAG connection:

  • CherryMobile Skyfire 2.0 (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
  • Samsung GT-i9195L (R/W/One click boot repair) – thanks to flin18
  • Samsung LC11 4g/LTE modem (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
  • Samsung SPH-L710 4.3 MK3 (Read/Write/One click boot repair)

New phones added via ISP(Direct EMMC) connection:

  • DIRECT EMMC Sony Book PRS-T1 (Read/Write ROM1/2/excsd) – World First thanks to 01AF
  • DIRECT EMMC Samsung SM-T311 (Read/Write ROM1/2/excsd) – World First

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