First in the world solution. 
Tegra 2/3 partitions.... 


Again something hot ready by our team. 

Added via DIRECT EMMC(ISP) connection:

- Tegra 2 / Tegra 3 emmc partition show info. (will be very useful who like to play with new solutions/for professional jtaggers)

NVIDIA TABLE detected...
 Boot RVA Correction : 400000
 Header ID: 1539A8823256C88A91C856522953C855
 Warning: Header Size = 2240 
 Warning: Entries Count = 27
 MMCBLK0P0 (BCT) Adress in BOOT1+BOOT2 0x0, Length: 0x400000 
 MMCBLK0P1 (PT) Adress in USER: 0x0, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P2 (EBT) Adress in USER: 0x200000, Length: 0x400000 
 MMCBLK0P3 (DIA) Adress in USER: 0x600000, Length: 0x400000 
 MMCBLK0P4 (BIF) Adress in USER: 0xA00000, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P5 (GP1) Adress in USER: 0xC00000, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P6 (WLN) Adress in USER: 0xE00000, Length: 0x600000 
 MMCBLK0P7 (WDM) Adress in USER: 0x1400000, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P8 (RCA) Adress in USER: 0x1600000, Length: 0x600000 
 MMCBLK0P9 (LNX) Adress in USER: 0x1C00000, Length: 0x800000 
 MMCBLK0P10 (SOS) Adress in USER: 0x2400000, Length: 0x800000 
 MMCBLK0P11 (PG1) Adress in USER: 0x2C00000, Length: 0x1000000 
 MMCBLK0P12 (PG2) Adress in USER: 0x3C00000, Length: 0x1000000 
 MMCBLK0P13 (PG3) Adress in USER: 0x4C00000, Length: 0x1000000 
 MMCBLK0P14 (SIF) Adress in USER: 0x5C00000, Length: 0x400000 
 MMCBLK0P15 (SP1) Adress in USER: 0x6000000, Length: 0x400000 
 MMCBLK0P16 (RV1) Adress in USER: 0x6400000, Length: 0x1C00000 
 MMCBLK0P17 (APP) Adress in USER: 0x8000000, Length: 0x50000000 
 MMCBLK0P18 (CAC) Adress in USER: 0x58000000, Length: 0x14000000 
 MMCBLK0P19 (ISD) Adress in USER: 0x6C000000, Length: 0x2A2000000 
 MMCBLK0P20 (UDA) Adress in USER: 0x30E000000, Length: 0x89400000 
 MMCBLK0P21 (DUM) Adress in USER: 0x397400000, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P22 (MSC) Adress in USER: 0x397600000, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P23 (RFS) Adress in USER: 0x397800000, Length: 0x600000 
 MMCBLK0P24 (DLG) Adress in USER: 0x397E00000, Length: 0x1600000 
 MMCBLK0P25 (PDT) Adress in USER: 0x399400000, Length: 0x200000 
 MMCBLK0P26 (GPT) Adress in USER: 0x399600000, Length: 0x200000 
 Done...Presets has been updated...

Added via JTAG interface:

- support SGH-i677 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - First in the world 
(pinout was founded by exclusive EASY-JTAG FINDER)
- addition support GT-i9070 (One click EFS/Modem restore) - for repair unknown baseband problems*
- addition support GT-i9000 (One click EFS/Modem restore) - for repair unknown baseband problems*
- addition support GT-i8190 (One click EFS/Modem restore) - for repair unknown baseband problems*
- addition support GT-i8190N (One click EFS/Modem restore) - for repair unknown baseband problems*
- addition support GT-S5300 (One click EFS/Modem restore) - for repair unknown baseband problems*
- upload Lumia 520 new version of RCP file. (1.02)

*One click EFS/Modem restore - this function will work only if phone have working hardware.

P.S. GPG Copypasters , you are welcome to steal our solutions but make shure we will not sleep ;-)


New update, new solutions inside

Added via JTAG connect:

- support LG P350 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
- support LG CT710H (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
- support ZTE TANIA (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

Added via EMMC DIRECT(ISP) connect:
- Possibility edit boot's size
- Possibility edit RPMB size
- EMMC MBR Partition - Reading Information Dump
- EMMC GPT Partition - Reading Information Dump




New YEAR - new Generation of EMMCtool engine comming, while others doing fake updates with hundreds uploaded files, we did some research and now we have ready for public release new REVOLUTION SOLUTION for emmc repair!! 
YES YES. Exactly now we can repair lot of broken SAMSUNG EMMC chips with different internal firmware problems!!!

EMMC Tool improvements step by step:

1. Added SMART report (Samsung emmc only).
This function allow to check status of samsung emmc also see bad block couters all same like in SSD.

2. Added SMART WIPE format function ( WIPE almost any samsung eMMC card) - !!!!!!!!!
After smart format EMMC back TO FACTORY CONDITION
This function can:
- back to live almost any samsung emmc: 
- can remove VENDOR BOOT DOWNGRADE PROTECTION!!!! <<<< Yes. Now you can downgrade boot and phone will work!!!!
- can remove KNOX Warranty bit on ENYNOS devices
- can not remove KNOX Warranty bit on Snapdragon devices
* Samsung SMART WIPE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SAMSUNG EMMC with latest FW revisions.
3. Added moviNAND erase function.
4. Added TRIM Erase function ( may be long but work on all eMMC cards ).
5. Added display size of BOOT1 BOOT2 RPMB areas.
6. Fixed eMMC fw revision display.
7. Fixed bugs with stop button.
8. Improved connection stability.

Easy-JTAG Daily Update.

Easy-JTAG Daily Update.


Added via JTAG.

- support GT-i9505 MKF android 4.3 (Boot repair) 
- support SGH-i337 MK2 android 4.3 (Boot repair) 
- support SGH-i337 MK2 android 4.3 EFS one click repair (only for phones with good hardware )
- support GT-S5570 EFS one click repair (only for phones with good hardware )

Easy-JTAG Daily Update.

Easy-JTAG Daily Update.


Added via JTAG.

- support GT-S5230M(S523M) micron (Read/Write/OneClickRepair) 


- Box error ... [0]. this error was on some PC.
- Fixed drivers issure installation on some PC.

Easy-JTAG Daily Updates v1.0.95.0 & v1.0.96.0

Easy-JTAG Daily Updates v1.0.95.0 & v1.0.96.0, 
box firmware 1.48 
BOX Firmware Update:
 The firmware of box updated to 1.48 version.
 You can update it via shell or use latest build 1.0.95/96.
 Firmware will be updated automaticaly.
 In firmware update - improved emmc direct protocol, more stable now.
Emmc Direct changes:

 - access to boot2 , gp1 , gp2 , gp3 and gp4 partitions. You will know soon why need this 
 - Improved stability of writing some eMMC devices
 - NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices are now fully supported ( we working now on sec bypass)
ADDED new devices/phones via JTAG connect:
- Anycall SHW-m200K (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
 - LG D500 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
 - HTC one XL PJ831000 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

Easy-JTAG Update

Easy-JTAG Daily Update - SKY, Lumia   Nokia-Lumia-1020-with-Camera-Grip added via JTAG connection: - support SKY A830L (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support SKY A830K (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support SKY A850K (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support Nokia Lumia 1020 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - improved drivers update in installer , thanks to mk

Easy-JTAG Update

Easy-JTAG Daily Update  SKY, LENOVO, LG   Lenovo706 added via JTAG connection: - support LENOVO A706 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support SKY A830S (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - supportSKY A850L (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support LG LS670 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

Easy-JTAG Update

Easy-JTAG Daily Update - 
ONE click EFS REPAIR, First in the world

Via JTAG connection:

- support Samsung GT-i9070 (One click EFS repair ) - first in the world via JTAG
- support Samsung GT-i9100G (One click EFS repair ) - first in the world via JTAG

- support Samsung GT-i8190N (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
- support Samsung GT-i9100G (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
- support NOKIA LUMIA 920 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
- support ZTE AC30 3G/CDMA modem/router (Read/Write, Full dump)
- support LG L55C (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

VIA direct EMMC

- support SAMSUNG GT-i9100G (Read/Write, ROM1(main)DUMP) - first in the world 

P.S Now you have complete solution for GT-i9100G - exclusive! 
if xloader erased, only emmc direct connection will help you

Easy-JTAG Daily Update

Easy-JTAG Daily Update – ONE click EFS REPAIR, First in the world Via JTAG connection: - support GT-S7562 (One click EFS repair ) - first in the world via JTAG - support GT-S5570 (One click EFS repair ) - first in the world via JTAG - support GT-S5570i (One click EFS repair ) - first in the world via JTAG - support SAMSUNG GT-I9505G (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support NOKIA LUMIA 820 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair) - support Huawei U8655 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

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Innovative concept

sliderIntellegent smart card interface allow use box in 3 in 1 mode. Activate and use any z3x software. LG,SAMSUNG and JTAG with one box!

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